Long, Long Ago

Postcard view of a streetcar on downtown Augusta's Broad Street ca. 1903

Book in our Studio Library
*Assignment for "Long, Long Ago", Solo 11, pg 25. 

  Composer study: Thomas Haynes Bayly 1797-1839
  Videos:  (In addition to listening to your CD.)
  Long, Long Ago
  -Student:  Mai, Teacher - Leah Brammer
  -Tutorial by  Jenny MacMillan



Read info about composer Thomas Haynes Bayly. (Email your instructor, Ms. Jacqueline, for worksheet to include in your Suzuki Journal, or read the article posted below.)  Find the location of his birth on a globe or map.

-Thomas Haynes Bayly

Listening Activity
Print out the following journal worksheet:  SQUILT Journal Page(Early Elementary students, get the Listen & Roll worksheet from your teacher.)  Listen to other compositions by Bayly and fill out the journal response worksheet based upon one of the compositions.

   Vocal Performances: (Pick 1 or more)

   -Long, Long Ago (Pre-school and Early Elementary)
   -Long, Long Ago.  Vocalist:  Nino Nadiradze
   -I'd Be A Butterfly. Vocalist:  Performance by Liz Graham, Soprano
   -The Old Kirk Yard.  Soprano:  Katrine Dyrehauge Roos
   -Welcome Me Home.  Vocalist:  Henzy Levy
   -Oh, No! We Never Mention Her.   
  *Optional:  Poetry
  -Fairies In Winter.  A delightful poem for children by Thomas Haynes Bayly; read by Jean Aked.

  -Toujours le Meme. By Thomas Haynes Bayly; read by Alec Guinness


Interesting History

Songs Ballads and other poems
-Thomas Haynes Bayly


(Photo left:  Songs and Ballads, Grave and Gay by Thomas Haynes Bayly; Photo right:  Songbook including Long, Long Ago by Thomas Haynes Bayly published in 1840.  Please click on thumbnails to see full historical copies of these books.)

**When you have completed the assignment listed above and can successfully perform "Long, Long Ago" in Suzuki Bk 1, you have earned your clues for the Suzuki Letterbox!  Ink and print your beautifully carved stamp into the letterbox journal.  There will be a stamp in the letterbox to stamp into your Suzuki Book and the letterbox page of your Suzuki notebook.  Enjoy the treasure that you find placed inside of the letterbox and leave one for the next person!


Letterbox clues:  *Ask your teacher


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