Cuckoo (Cuculus Canorus)

*Assignment for Cuckoo, Solo 4, pg 18.  
  German Folk Tune

   Videos:  (In addition to listening to your CD or iTunes.)
   Cuckoo, Bk 1 

 -Student: Jackson, Instructor: Jacqueline Graham
 -Student: Mariah, Instructor: JF. Graham. Masterclass with Keiko  Ogiwara


___1.  Study brief info -including nature facts- about Germany and be able to find Germany on a map or globe.

*Optional video:  Beautiful Germany

Here is brief info regarding German folk songs: (John Thompson Modern Course For Piano, grade 1) 

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Interested in singing the lyrics to Cuckoo?
Cuckoo, Cuckoo high in the tree
What's the tale they whisper of thee?
Stealing a nest's a bad thing to do!
Cuckoo, Cuckoo, shame upon you.
If you would like, jot down the lyrics in your book. (Children of younger ages can have help from one of their parents!)  Joyfully sing it while you are playing outdoors or doing chores!  This will help you to learn the piece when practicing it on the piano.

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 ___2.  Create a simple notebook page on cardstock about the Cuckoo bird for your Suzuki Journal. (*Preschool assignment:  Print and color the picture of the Cuckoo bird looking for insects!) Here are a few things that will inspire you along the way.

Listen to the call of the Common Cuckoo!
-Common Cuckoo Calling

The lyrics to Cuckoo mentioned "stealing a nest".   Below are links to articles and videos that you may enjoy regarding that and the behavior of the Common Cuckoo Bird in general.

-Common Cuckoos
-Nest stealing cuckoo birds are locked in evolutionary war with their would-be victims

-Nature of the cuckoo duck - David Attenborough - BBC wildlife
-Big Brother eviction cuckoo style - Natural World - BBC

**When you have completed the assignments listed above and can successfully perform Cuckoo in Suzuki Bk 1, you have earned your clues for the Cuckoo Letterbox!  Ink and print your beautifully carved stamp into the letterbox journal.  There will be a Cuckoo stamp in the letterbox to stamp into your Suzuki Book.


Letterbox clues:  *Ask your teacher


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