Lightly Row

*Assignment for "Lightly Row", Solo 2, pg 16.  
  German Folk Tune

  Videos:  (In addition to listening to your CD.)
  Lightly Row, Bk 1 
-Student:  Max, Instructor:  Leah Brammer
-Student:  Alma, Instructor:  Leah Brammer

Lyrics to "Lightly Row" solo.  (Joyfully sing it while you are playing outdoors or doing chores!)

Lightly row, lightly row, gently down the stream we go.
Birds are singing, while they're winging,
On their way and too and fro.
See the fluffy clouds up there,
Building castles in the air.
Trees are swaying, children playing, while they dream and lightly row.



___1.  Study brief info -including nature facts- about Germany and be able to find Germany on the globe during your next lesson.

Kennedy finding the country of the folk tune she is practicing.

*Optional video:  Beautiful Germany  

Row Boat Coloring Page
___2.  Read interesting "Rowboat" facts shared at website here  and/or  "Fun Boat Facts for Kids". *More info can be found at Wikipedia.  (Preschool assignment:  Print and color the rowboat picture on right while listening to your Suzuki Piano CD or iTunes.  Label the parts that you know.  Ex. Oar, Stern, Bow,Thwart, etc. *OR* do one of the optional crafts below) 
*Optional:  For students who enjoy hand crafting, here are a couple of projects that you can work on with your parents while listening to your Suzuki CD/iTunes!

-How To Make A Milk Carton Row Boat
-The Row Boat Paper Model (For older students)
-Mixed Media Stone 
-Origami Boat 
-Artwork on your solo page or printed sheet music of what you imagine when performing "Lightly Row".  Example below.

Artwork created by Jackson

**When you have completed the assignments above and can successfully perform "Lightly Row",  you have earned clues to find the Lightly Row Letterbox.  Ink and print your beautifully carved stamp into the letterbox journal.  There will be a carved stamp in the letterbox to stamp into your Suzuki Book and the letterbox page of your Suzuki notebook.  Enjoy one of the treasures surprises left for you in the letterbox!


Letterbox clues:  *Ask your teacher


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