Mary Had a Little Lamb

Statue of lamb in Sterling Massachusetts commemorating the "Mary Had a Little Lamb" 
nursery rhyme and crediting John Roulstone as the author.  See Video.

Book in studio library
*Assignment for "Mary Had a Little Lamb", Solo 8 pg 22.  
  American Nursery Song

  Videos:  (In addition to listening to your CD.)
  Mary Had a Little Lamb, Bk 1 
-Student: Dylan, Teacher: Jacqueline Graham
-Student:  Arianne, Teacher: Bruce Anderson
-Student: Sadie performing at Univ. of Louisville, Suzuki Piano Institute

  Website of interest:
 -Thomas Edison Reading Mary Had a Little Lamb (1927)

Book in studio library

Book in studio library

___1.  You are  now practicing Mary Had a Little Lamb!  Did you know that the nursery rhyme is based upon a true story?  Read article(s) of your choice listed below regarding this, and create a brief notebook page of things that interested you to share during your next lesson and for your Suzuki Journal.

PRESCHOOL Students:  After reading an article to your child choose one or more of the activities below among the coloring pages, crafts, and theory fun to have them work on while listening to their Suzuki CD.  Here is a fun music, upbeat video that your child may enjoy singing and dancing to!  Mary Had a Little Lamb Rhyme With Lyrics

Coloring Page(s)  
-Mary Had a Little Lamb
-Mary Had a Little Lamb Nursery Rhyme Page
-Little Lamb (maybe more appealing for boys)
-Sheep Dot To Dot
-Mary Had a Little Lamb Paper Doll

Theory Fun!
-Mary Had a Little Lamb Movement Activity 
(Activity while listening to the song on Suzuki Bk 1 CD)
-Amazing Mary (Fun & Games Bk2 by Wynn Anne-Rossi, photo right.)

-Mary Had a Little Lamb (Making Music Fun)

Reconstruction of the Sawyer Homestead

-Sawyer Homestead - Sterling Massachusettes
-Mary' Lamb House Reduced to Rubble
-Mary Sawyer's House Rises From Ashes 

Redstone Schoolhouse in Sterling MA
Redstone Schoolhouse relocated to Sudbury, MA

-The Redstone Schoolhouse

**When you have completed the assignment listed above and can successfully perform "Mary Had a Little Lamb", you have earned your clues for the Suzuki Letterbox!  Ink and print your beautifully carved stamp into the letterbox journal. Enjoy a treasure goody found in the letter box!


Letterbox clues:  *Ask your teacher


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